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(11"h x 16"w)   $700

"Sun and Shadow"
(22.5"h x 15"w)   $1,350
Watercolor & Colored Pencil:
"Bamboo Orchid"
Dendrobium ISE x moniliforme
(10.75"h x 7"w)    $340
"Peruvian Orchid"
Cochlioda noetzliana
(12"h x 10.75"w)   $450
"Red Maple Leaf"
Acer rubrum
(8.5"h x 4.5"w)   SOLD
"Parrot Tulip"
(8"h x 5.75"w)    $205

"Assortment of Nuts"
(5"h x 6.5"w)    $225

"Alpine Rock Jasmine"
(8"h x 6"w)     SOLD

"Douglas Fir Cone & Seed"
(5"h x 9"w)      $200

"Calla Lily"
(6"h x 4"w)  SOLD

"Slipper Orchid"
Paphiopedilum sp.
(10.5"h x 8.25"w)   $350
"Amarylis Diptych"
(18"h x 24"w)    SOLD
(7"h x 9"w)    $285

Copyright 2018, Kathy J. Imel
All rights reserved.

(24"h x 17"w)   $1,635

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Aerial Abstractions