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PA = Plein air work (all else is studio)
"Ted's First Place"     PA
(6"h x 8"w)    $215

"Storm Over Spanish Peaks"
(8"h x 16"w)     $515

"Leaving Leadville"
(12"h x 9"w)      SOLD

"Trauma Falls"
(11"h x 14"w)    $615

"Afternoon Clouds - Rifle, CO"
(11"h x 14"w)     $615

"Granite School"    PA
(12"h x 9"w)   $435

Copyright 2018, Kathy J. Imel
All rights reserved.

"DAM Shades of Gray"    PA
(8"h x 10"w)    $320

"Weathervane"    PA
(12"h x 9"w)    $435

"Kodak Moment"    PA
(6"h x 8"w)     SOLD

"Teepee at The Fort"  PA
(10"h x 8"w)     SOLD

"Adobe Shadows"
(14"h x 10"w)   SOLD

"Encounter with a Former Self"
(9"h x 12"w)     $435

"Water at the Top of the World"   PA
(11h x 14"w)      $615

"School Days - Timnath"     PA
(8"h x 16"w)     $515

"Storm Coming"     PA
(8"h x 10"w)     SOLD

"Big Bad Water"     PA
(12"h x 16"w)    SOLD

"Round Barn - Delaney Farm"  PA
(12"h x 12"w)     SOLD

"Genesee Barn"     PA
(9"h x 12"w)    $435

"Evidence of Time"   PA
(9"h x 12"w)     $435

"Alive with Character"   PA
(9h x 12"w)      $435

"Community of Currents"  PA
(14"h x 11"w)       $615

"The Windbreak - Spring"
(12"h x 16"w)     $770

"Evaporated Poudre"  PA
(11"h x 14"w)    SOLD

"Frozen Light"     PA
(12"h x 9"w)    $435

"Craving Stillness"  
(11"h x 14"w)     $615

"Pristine Majesty"  
(20"h x 24"w)     $1925

"Repository of Vanished Things"     PA
(9"h x 12"w)     SOLD

"Hopper Time"     PA
(9"h x 12"w)     SOLD

(16"h x 12"w)     SOLD

"Wyoming Summer"    PA
(9"h x 12"w)    $435

"All That's Left"
(11"h x 14"w)   $615

"Rio Grande by Taos"  
(9"h x 12"w)     $435

"Chatauqua View"     PA
(10"h x 10"w)    $400

"Where the Wind Blows"   PA
(8"h x 10"w)     $320

Aerial Abstractions
"After a Shower"   
(11"h x 9"w)    $400