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Animals & People
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"Can't You See I'm Napping?"
(11"h x 14"w)       SOLD

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"Desert Solitaire"
(16"w x 12"h)    $765

"Tish - Color Study"
(10"w x 8"h)     SOLD

"Portrait of #67"
(8"w x 10"h)   SOLD

"Let Sleeping Geese Lie"
(20"w x 16"h)     SOLD

"Baby Bison"
(6"h x 9"w)     $240

(10"h x 8"w)     SOLD

"Dove Feather"
(4"h x 6"w)   SOLD

(24"h x 32"w)    $2,880

"Coy Koi"
(12"h x 14"w)    $675

"Beau on Jeans"
(10"h x 8"w)     SOLD

"Blue and Pink Horses"
(10"w x 8"h)    $320

"Kestrel in Winter"
(9"w x 12"h)    $435

Copyright 2018, Kathy J. Imel
All rights reserved.

"First Cast"
(8"h x 10"w)      SOLD

"A World Primal Again"
(18"h x 18"w)    $1,030

(12"w x 18"h)   SOLD

"Little Hunter"
(9"h x 12"w)      $435

"Caucus of Cranes"
(20"w x 16"h)   $1,280

"Embodiment of Eagerness"
(18"h x 24"w)      $1725

"The Spaces Between"
(9"h x 12"w)    $435

"Bronco Bustin' Bronze"
(8"h x 6"w)     $215

"Genesee Gals"
(11"h x 16"w)      SOLD

"Large and In Charge"
(12"h x 9"w)      $435

"We Are The Champions"
(20"h x 16"w)      $1,280

Aerial Abstractions
"Best Buds"   Mixed/pastel
(30"h x22"w)    $2,650

"Three Amigos"
(9"h x 12"w)    $435